The Power of Community

Don't underestimate the power of community. Every dollar counts.

If 100 people spend $500 a year online. And TwoBirdz donate 5% of every sale. Then you are helping raise $2500 for simply shopping.

With 1000 people you could help raise $25,000 per year of continuous donation streams.

A TwoBirdz Story

Angela needed to buy some flowers for her mum on Mothers Day, and she was also a big supporter of MND Australia. So she went to the 'MND Australia - Two Birdz' site and searched for some flower shops. She found 'Easy Flowers' and saw TwoBirdz will donate 9% of the sale, so she clicked through to the Easy Flowers website. She shopped like she normally would on their website and ended up buying some flowers worth $60 for her mum. Because she bought through the Two Birdz site, she helped raise $5.40 for MND Australia.
  • Mum was happy because she got flowers
  • MND Australia was happy because they got a donation to put to good use
  • Easy flowers was happy because they made a sale
  • TwoBirdz was happy because they helped and made a dollar to help others
  • Angela was happy because she made everyone else happy just by shopping

How does the magic happen?

  • We partner with merchants who pay us a commission on each sale to be on our platform
  • We then give that money back to our partner charities, schools and all sorts of good causes.

It's that simple.

200 Stores + more coming every day!



Find a good cause to support and then make every shop count. Two Birdz is about having the right mindset and building a habit into your online shopping routine. You can make a big difference because every shop counts.



Simply click through to your favourite retail, travel and other stores from a Two Birdz site. Access the store directly from the shopfront or find special offers and discounts.


Once you land on the merchants website just shop like you normally would.



When you buy something, a percentage of the sale will be donated to the good cause. At no extra cost to you.